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Address: 1011 Budapest, Halász St. 1.
 Reservation only by phone: +361 225 1673, +3620 576 8595


Cheese & pasta

Mixed cheese plate for two persons3190.-
Grilled camembert with blueberry marmalade on salad bed2690.-
Spaghetti Carbonara2490.-
Spaghetti Bolognese2590.-
Pasta with vegetables, tomato sauce and parmesan2490.-

Meat dishes

Grilled pullet breast on fresh cut salad2990.-
Ironed chicken leg with mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables2990.-
Crispy goose leg with steamed cabbage and mashed potato3750.-
Honey marinated duck roast, Alsatian sauerkraut and potato chips3750.-

Meat dishes

Rosé duck breast with sour cherry beer sauce and mashed potatoes3950.-
Giant wiener schnitzel (pork tenderloin) with french fries3150.-
Pork medallion with Hungarian ratatouille and hoop potatoes3250.-
Matróz roast of the Danbue Bank2990.-
Oven-roasted crispy pork knuckle with Pékné potatoes3390.-
Spare ribs (800g) with steak potato and grilled vegetables3590.-
Sirlion strips in spicy ragout served with rösti potatoes4150.-
Beefsteak tartare with vegetables and toast4150.-
Beefsteak with pepper sauce and potato crocquettes5550.-

Meat dishes

Beefsteak with forest mushroom and steamed rice5550.-
Beefsteak with black tiger shrimps and steak potato6250.-


Whole -fried trout flavoured with lemon and thyme, served with butter-steamed vegetables3450.-
baby beans, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli
Roasted salmon fillet with garlic butter, served with mashed potatos3690.-
Breaded Tiszai gray catfish fillet with apple chutney and steamed rice3250.-
Roasted wild salmon steak with grilled vegetables3690.-
Steamed black mussels „Jack Sparrow” style with french fries
white wine, cream, garlic, parsley, leek
½kg 2890.-
1kg 5290.-
Steamed black mussels with tomato and french fries
tomato, onion, garlic, lemon, white wine
½ kg 2890.-
1kg 5290.-